Our History


The Heathcote and District Community Bank® Branch is what happens when a concerned local community bands together to tackle a major threat to its survival.

In the mid-2000s branches were being closed in all parts of country Victoria. History showed that when the last bank left town, the community could be devastated and Heathcote was not immune.

As a result, a group of Heathcote citizens went to work and, with magnificent support from the community, established Heathcote & District Financial Services Limited who opened Heathcote and District Community Bank® Branch with three aims: to ensure that banking services would continue in the town through a locally owned franchise of the Bendigo Bank, that employment would be created in a locally owned bank, and that profits from the locally owned bank would be returned to the community through grants and sponsorship, as well as dividends to the shareholders.

The beautiful township on the banks of Lake Nagambie, about 45 minutes from Heathcote, is home to a proud community. But until recently, the township and its residents did not enjoy the benefits that come with a Community Bank®

All that changed when Heathcote and District Financial Services Limited opened a full branch of the Bendigo Bank in Nagambie, spreading the word about community banking and bringing with it the advantages that follow.

Advantages like employment and a full list of services, plus sponsorships and grants to community organisations which follow when the profits from a Community Bank® are returned to the community.