Since our Scholarship program begun in 2013 we have assisted 9 young people from the Heathcote and Nagambie districts to further their education at University or TAFE.
We’re also pleased to announce that we will be offering a Rural Scholarship for people of all ages who are studying in any of the rural industries in 2019.
Applications for our our Scholarship programs open December each year and are managed by the Community Enterprise Foundation.

Applications for our Scholarship programs are currently closed.
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2018 University & TAFE Scholarship recipients


Thomas Bennett

Thomas completed Year 12 at Kyneton Secondary College where he was named Dux of the school for 2017. An excellent achievement given that Tom worked on the family farm each weekend and had no internet access at home for study purposes!

Tom is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and is enjoying the challenges that Uni presents. “We are given huge amounts of coursework to learn in short periods of time, and I’m also enjoying the depth of knowledge that we gain in such interesting fields like chemistry, physics and math.” Thomas said.

Thomas admits that it has been a challenge living in the city “it’s always so busy and noisy and I miss the open spaces and how quiet it always is at home. Not only that but I have more than once found myself quite lost!”

“I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity not only to receive this scholarship, but to promote it and the generosity of the branch to other young rural kids so that they too might have this opportunity to pursue their education further. The money I have received will go towards my accommodation and text book expenses” Thomas said.


Amelia Morris

Amelia attended Euroa Secondary College where she excelled academically. She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and was appointed to the Orygen Youth Advisory Board - a world leading youth mental health program based in Melbourne as well as founding and chairing her own youth mental health advocacy group in the local community. In addition, in 2017 Amelia was selected as a representative on the Victorian Government’s Youth Congress.

Amelia is currently studying a double degree - Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts at Monash University and will use the $3,000 in scholarship funds to assist with the cost of textbooks, travel to and from university and living expenses

Amelia hopes to become qualified as a lawyer, and eventually a barrister. “I'm not entirely sure what area of law I would like to work in, but I do have an interest in criminal law, family law, constitutional law and the drafting of laws for parliament. I would like to employ the skills I develop in my law degree in the Nagambie region when I am qualified.” She said.

“The scholarship means more than I can say. It will help to facilitate my university studies and will ensure that I can focus on them and not have to worry as much about balancing work and study. It will take a huge burden of finances off my shoulders and reduce my stress levels massively. This will be a huge help to me, and I am so happy a program like this exists in Nagambie.” Amelia said.