Annual Farmers' lunch


With such a large farming community around us we’re committed to supporting our local farmers through education and high quality Bendigo Bank and Rural Bank products.

For the past two years we've run highly successful educational events for the farming community and we're pleased to announce that our third Annual Farmer's event will be held Friday 5th April.

Our past events have been well attended with farmers and presenters traveling from all over the state to take part.


Past events


2019 saw another fantastic morning with Heather Ewart (ABC's Back Roads) entertaining the audience with tales of her travels around rural communities.
Toni Barton (Barton Smallgoods) took us through the development of her Lamb Bacon business and Ben Rose (Performance Viticulture) discussed land valuations. We also presented our inaugural Rural Scholarship - a Scholarship made available to those looking to study in the Rural Industries.



2018 saw Jane Bunn provide over 100 attendees with valuable knowledge on understanding the weather. Guests were also treated to talks on Livestock nutrition, feeding methods and Equipment Finance by various presenters.



We launched our Farmers' event in 2017 with Alex Gartmann, Rural Bank CEO discussing the current state of Australian Agriculture, agricultural land valuations and more. Men's Health Nurse Practitioner at Bendigo Community Health Services Peter Strange also presented on healthy farmers.