Buying and Selling HDFSL shares

Heathcote & District Financial Services Limited operates an ASIC-approved Low Volume Market (LVM) for the trading of its shares. The LVM is essentially a list of buyers and sellers who have registered their interest in trading shares. It is the responsibility of buyers to contact sellers and or vice versa, HDFSL does not become involved in the share trading transactions but is able to assist with the process if necessary.

All the documentation you need regarding the Low Volume Market including a trade history is available below. Please take the time to read the Special Market Conditions Notices and the Special Characteristics of Community Bank Companies.


Changing Details

The Share Register of Heathcote & District Financial Services Limited is professionally managed by AFS Bendigo Pty Ltd. Any changes to Shareholder Details must be communicated to AFS.

Please note; changing your details with Bendigo Bank does not change your details on our share register, they must be notified separately.

All necessary documentation to modify your information can be downloaded from the AFS website (below) or for personalised assistance please contact Hannah Thomson, Company Secretary on


HDFSL Annual Reports

All of our HDFSL Annual Reports are available to download via the link below.