If your community group has recently had a sponsorship application approved you can download all necessary resources here. If you require additional information or have any questions please contact secretary@heathcotenagambie.community


Recognising the Sponsorship

Organisations receiving sponsorship from us quite often make the easy mistake of simply thanking Bendigo Bank or using the Bendigo Bank Logo. It is important to remember that the sponsorship you are receiving is made possible through banking within the local community.

Therefore we ask that when recognising the sponsorship you please use our full name – for Heathcote that’s ‘Heathcote & District Community Bank® Branch’ and for Nagambie that’s ‘Nagambie branch of Bendigo Bank’. This way the Heathcote and Nagambie communities recognise that by banking with us they have directly played a part in helping your organisation.

You can download our logo for use in the promotion of your event/project at the bottom of this page.

We have a number of resources available to you to aid with recognising the sponsorship including:

  • Pop Up Bannerbug

  • Marquee 3mx3m

  • Banner 1mx4m

  • Promotional cheque

  • Piggy mascot

  • ‘Community’ Letters


Sponsorship Feedback

We are continually promoting our sponsorship program so that organisations just like your own have the opportunity to benefit from the Community Bank® model.

A very important part of this is receiving feedback from organisations that we have previously sponsored.

Within 30 days of the completion of your event/project, your group is required to complete the below Sponsorship Acquittal form detailing how the sponsorship monies were used.



We also require at least 4 photographs of your event/project. These photographs need to be high resolution digital images. If you are not able to provide these please speak to us in advance so that we can organise photographs to be taken for you.

We really cannot stress the importance of these photographs enough as they will be used to further promote our sponsorship program and our relationship with you through local media, social media, our website and marketing documents.

Please ensure that the below Talent Release form is completed and signed by all people appearing in the photographs.
If you have any questions in relation to this process please contact our Company Secretary at secretary@heathcotenagambie.community


High Resolution logos

Logos for use in your Marketing - please use whichever version suits best.

Heathcote & NAGAMBIE